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"My name is Jonathan Hicks, and I tore my ACL and Medial Meniscus in September of 2019. After I tore it, I was so scared and worried about the turn my life was going to take. I got so depressed, and so down hearted even before my surgery. The day of my surgery, after Mr Royalty fixed me up good, I received news that I would be a “resident” at HPT in Hazard, going under the wing of Ernest Brewer and his AMAZING staff. I still remember my first day of therapy, Ernest brought me into a room and talked to me like I had known him for years, he was automatically like a best friend to me. On my second day, I was introduced to Kari Deaton, a girl who was somewhat or a drill sergeant at first, but is now someone I love dearly. It is now February 21st, and I can now say that I feel so much better, even better than I did before! The staff at HPT made therapy feel like home. Although I was so sad, scared, and depressed that I was having to put a hold on my Senior year in high school at Knott County Central, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any other way. They taught me a work ethic, that the only way you’ll get better is if you WANT it and WORK for it, and I owe HPT greatly. It’s more than a business, it’s a family. I love you Ernest, Cecilia, and KARI!!!!"
Feb 21, 2020
"The staff truly cares and wants what’s best for their patients. They treat you like family and are the kindest people you will ever meet. They do their job exceptionally well. When I started rehab, I had no idea how well I would return and recover. I highly recommend this place!"
Feb 21, 2020
"After tearing my Acl I never thought I would walk again. They changed my mind real quick. They have the best staff and hey also work around your schedule. Hands down the best and I highly recommend them. "
Feb 21, 2020
"HPT is the best physical thearpy place to go. Kari and Earnest is the best there is. They make sure you are 100 percent better before realeasing you. After, you are release they will continually keep up with you to see how you are. I would recommend anyone to go to HPT in hazard, ky. Its a great family amtoshpere."
Feb 21, 2020
"I’ve endured two serious injuries and throughout all of them HPT physical therapy in hazard has been there to help me physically and mentally. I have great relationships with all the people there. They are always very courteous, helpful, and excited to see you. I wouldn’t go anywhere else or change any part of my experience there. I would recommend Ernest to everyone who needs physical therapy. "
Feb 21, 2020
"I was at HPT for about 2 months and the whole time I was there every one was easy to work with and very friendly and professional, a great environment to try to recover from whatever injury."
Feb 21, 2020
"If you really want help, HPT is the place to go. They have been so good to me. I am able to move so much better. "
Oct 18, 2019
"I would like to take this time to thank Ernest Brewer and Cecile Smith of HPT Physical Therapy in Hazard. Our team played at Alice Lloyd this past Thursday and one of our players injured his knee. It was late when we we got back to our hotel and they recommended we call HPT. We called that night and left a message. Cecile called me first thing the next morning and told to bring our player right over. Earnest treated our player and ordered crutches for him. We were able to call his parents and let them know that their son was treated by a sports professional. This made them very happy and lessened their concerns. We had a 6 hr ride back to Pittsburgh and it lessened our concerns also. Ernest and Cecile went out of their way for perfect strangers I’m sure they treat all their patients the same way! Thanks again HPT Tim Keefer Head Coach Men’s Basketball Carlow University 🏀"
Jan 28, 2018
"Great practice"
Aug 08, 2017


Very professional and caring environment. Always willing to answer any question. These people at HPT truly became dear friends to our family. The help they provided my son was the best you can get.

Beth Caudill

When dealing with a sports injury, you need somebody who is going to have your best interest in mind, but at the same time will push you to get back to your full potential. That's exactly what I got at HPT.

Nathan Pray – (University of Pikeville Football Player)

I cannot say enough good things about the professionals at HPT. Everyone is welcoming, understanding and patient. Every concern I had was earnestly and sympathetically listened to and addressed. My son started to see improvement with his condition very quickly, and is now doing so well, that he is back to his old self. Thank you!

Tracy Hall

After my total knee replacement, my recovery was made safe, effective, and enjoyable at HPT, with Ernest Brewer as my Physical Therapist. I would do it all over again if needed, they are fantastic!!!

Gina Ousley

HPT is a great facility with a very professional staff. No matter what the circumstance, they are extremely easy to work with and the make working around a busy schedule possible. Ernest does a great job at caring for and reading his patients in order to pinpoint their complaint/injuries. I would recommend HPT to anyone in southeastern Kentucky.

Brandon Porter

I would recommend HPT to anyone. The level of care, consideration and knowledge they have for an individual’s needs are outstanding.

Angie Scott

I highly recommend visiting HPT for all physical therapy/sports medicine needs. Ernest is the best, I've known him for years & he's always provided me with the best treatment.

Emily Kidd (WV Tech Volleyball)

After our son was injured, we could not have been more pleased with the care he received from HPT. The genuine concern, knowledgeable evaluations, and focused treatment no only resulted in full recovery, but also a foundation for trust....and when it comes to our kids, that's every parent's requirement.

Jennifer Sluss

HPT and its staff provide prompt, professional services in a warm, friendly environment. They have been phenomenal with my players and my own kids. They get them back on the playing field or court as quickly as possible while ensuring complete healing.

Coach Anthony Hampton;
Head Football Coach SV High School and Father of 2 Former Patients